Reset 90 Challenge

The RESET90 CHALLENGE is a 90-day challenge to help you discover your ultimate body.  For some that may mean losing weight, building muscle, or living without the aches and pains that come with age or injury. For others,  it’s an opportunity to take your life and athletic ability to the next level. No matter what the ultimate body is to you, dub nutrition has what you need.

The Reset90 focuses on helping you make sustainable lifestyle changes by employing the 3 pillars of health which are: healthy eating, exercising, and dub supplementationGet ready! Your about to see changes that you never thought were possible! 


  • Burner, Muscle, Youth Kit per month for duration of the challenge = $129.00
  • Burner, Muscle, Youth Duo Kit per month = $199.00 (for 2 individuals competing)
  • Burner, Muscle, Youth Trio Kit = $289.00 (full challenge for 1 person)
  • BEFORE and AFTER photos  
  • A minimum of 1 progress post per week via Instagram and/or Facebook using #RESET90  
  • Secret password must be included in your photos.  These passwords will be released/posted on the first and last day of the Reset90 challenge.  Write or type this word on a notecard and place it in the picture so it can be seen (DO NOT COVER YOUR BODY).  These passwords will work as a timestamp for each photo.