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Want to be a Super Hero? Try our Super Formula

Take the Guess Work out of Supplementing You don't need a cabinet f...
Want to be a Super Hero? Try our Super Formula
Want to be a Super Hero?
Try our Super Formula
 The 3 Pillars of Health 
The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is built upon three core pillars of health:  healthy eating, exercise, and dub nutrition supplementation.
With these three  pillars engaged, your body will get the proper nutrition it needs.    
Healthy Eating   Eating right is all about balance. Your diet should have a healthy variety of proteins, carbohydrates,  and fats. Eliminating processed foods will restore the natural balance within the body.    
Exercise   Exercise is the best way to lose weight, inches, and increase lean muscle. Exercise decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.   
Supplementation   Supplementation is the bridge between food and its nutritional de­ficiencies. Many foods, including  healthy produce, may have a deficit in nutrients because of the way the food is grown. Replenish the body  with dub Supplements!
Why dub?
LEGACY! DUB stands for Discover your Ultimate Body 10 Years in the Making. We have focused on changing people's lives physically one person at a time. One thing has ever mattered to dub: our customers. Before becoming a best-selling national brand with thousands of loyal customers and followers on social media, this was our priority and this will never change. Our experts are available via email or social media to answer your questions. Our products are proudly formulated & made in the U.S.A
  1. 1- Benefit: If you're looking for the best, you've found it!  A TRUE SUPER FORMULA. Its unique ingredients provide the perfect combination to give you the best tools in Discovering your Ultimate Body
  2. 2- Feature: All Natural Supplements.  Know that you are only putting the best into your body.
  3.  3- Goal: Each individual has a goal.  Each individual has a need to succeed!  We at dub nutrition care about each and every customer.  We want you to have the best success. 

Take the Guess Work out of Supplementing

You don't need a cabinet full of vitamins.  Everything your body needs is available in 3 supplements
- dub Burner focuses on healthy, sustainable weight loss by addressing five key factors to losing fat safely and effectively: appetite control, mental alertness, fat oxidation, athletic performance, and water balance. Fat loss isn't just about dropping the pounds. There is no quick fix or magic pill that can transform your body overnight, and starvation diets do more harm than good. Fat loss is about nutrition, smart supplementation and exercise, and dub nutrition is all about that! Our formula is the most advanced and well rounded weight loss product on the market.  
- dub Muscle is the most advanced lean muscle formula available on the market today.  dub MUSCLE is designed to protect your existing muscle tissue and to create an optimum environment for the addition of new muscle tissue. Through proven ingredients, dub MUSCLE addresses the key factors needed for  lean muscle creation and maintenance: proper circulation, hormone balance, athletic endurance, and liver support.
- dub Youth is our signature anti-inflammatory product that assists in slowing the aging process. This product was developed speci­fically to help you age gracefully, not aggressively. dub Youth helps the  body combat the effects of aging and helps to protect your organs, lean tissue, and skin, by  addressing key anti-aging factors: anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant support, and organ support.  By keeping your body and organs healthy and free from inflammation, you not only increase  your quality of life, but can also add years to your life expectancy.
It's time to take your life back!  Discover your Ultimate Body NOW!