Here are my post RESET90 photos. The last 90 plus days has been and roller coaster of emotion for me. All the hard workouts and the dieting have been worth it. I'm a true believer in the DUB products. The preworkout help keep me going for the total work out. The reds help with food cravings as well. The protein has great taste and I have seen great muscle recovery and growth with this product. The campus has all I need to work both weigh training and cardio. The staff at the gym knew me by name after the first week. They are always super positive to be around. This made me feel comfortable and I felt like they were just as excited to see me succeed. I lost 45 lbs and over 10 inches off of my waist, but what I gain for this REST90 was much more than I lost. I did this challenge with a great workout partner and awesome trainer. Having that workout partner or accountability partner.(depending on the day) was key to my success. The extra time spent on meal prepping and at the gym can be stressing on your home life. Lucky for me I was able to start showing results in the second month and by the start of the third there was no way my family would let me quit. This was a huge key to my results. Thank you for putting together a great challenge. 


Syracuse Utah

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For me, DUB has been life changing in so many ways. Yes, I've had dramatic changes that you can see on the outside, but I can't tell you how much it has improved my health internally. As a previous competitive stunt cheerleader and gymnast, I have suffered so many joint problems that would often leave me limping and in constant pain. CONSTANT! I wanted to lose weight but it was a never ending struggle because it was a vicious cycle......the extra weight I had put on over the years and from 3 pregnancies and c sections also exacerbated the discomfort, but when I'd workout, I would have a flare up afterwards. But I needed to get the weight off. I swear, I have not felt any pain since I started using DUB! I've been able to push myself the way my competitive mind always wants to and my body is not holding me back, and it's recovering and responding the way it used to. I feel like a teenager again! I'm able to give it my all! You could say I'm DUB's number 1 cheerleader! I'm walking proof that the 3 pillars of health work! I'm excited to continue this health journey, confident that I have DUB to help me!

Dulcinea Grosbayne

Start date: January 31, 2017

Starting weight: 197.6

Ending weight: 176.9

Thank you for this opportunity!! I'm so happy with my results! DUB for life!!! :o)

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Start: I weighed 169 lbs at the start

During: I gained weight and eventually hit 178 lbs

End: I trimmed 2 lbs during the last two weeks while carb depleting and ended up at 176 lbs at final weigh in.

I can't believe I am 7 lbs heavier in the bottom photo! I exercised regularly, ate balanced meals and only supplemented with Dub during the 90 days.

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I don't think I've ever been happy with my body. Even as a young adult, when most are in their "prime" I was never happy with the way I looked. I never had that muscle mass that I've wanted. Since I've been taking DUB, I've noticed such an improvement! I can push myself harder and I recover instantly. I am being 100% honest when I say that I have not had a single day where I'm so sore after an intense workout and heavy lifting. I'm burning fat, losing inches and gaining muscle. I'm still working towards my goal body, but I finally see the light! I can see that my goals are finally within reach, and I contribute this new confidence all to DUB!


Start date:  Jan. 31, 2017

Start Weight:  228

End Weight:  208

Age:  37

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Before weight - 172

Current weight - 148

Thigh - before 23.25" after 21"

Chest - before 39" after 32"

waist - before 39.5" after 32.5"

hips - before 41.75" after 34"

bicep - before 13.25" after 11"

This has been a wonderful journey for me. I started this to help with my back pain, feel less tired and be healthier.  After having four kids, being over 40 and not taking care of myself, my body was in bad shape. My back pain is completely gone now and I have so much energy! I'm in the best shape of my life. I've gained so much by doing #reset90 - my health, friendships, confidence, and support. I feel so much happier and so excited about life. Thanks Dub Nutrition for helping me transform my life!


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Hello DUB staff -

I know I sent in some info with my before and after photos, however I had my annual physical for work ( fire department) and I wanted to give you some truly inspiring results.

Last year on this same date my BMI was 36% and my body fat was 28% my triglycerides were at 364 and good and bad cholesterol was terrible. In the Tiered program used by the department health center I was teetering between 2-3 out of a 4 tiered system. This year as of today my numbers are as follows, keeping in mind 9 months of this year I didn't take your supplements or pay attention to what I ate, I am whole heartedly 100% giving credit to DUB nutrition for these numbers. BMI 31 and my body fat came down to 20. My resting heart rate was 57 and my triglycerides came down to 144,  my cholesterol is within range, both good and bad for the first time since 2008.

I understand that diet has a lot to do with my blood panel, but the supplements from DUB gave me the energy and drive I needed to make the healthy and correct changes in my day to day life. I feel better than I have since high school, stronger, faster, healthier and so very happy and thankful for your product.!!

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 My name is Lisa I am 33 years old and have two young children.  Since my pregnancies with a 10 and 9 pound baby it has been a challenge to lose the weight, defiantly took a toll on the tummy.  Finding the energy to go to the gym or just do workouts at home seem impossible with working early mornings, opposite shifts from my husband so our children have someone home with them.

                Over the past couple years I have been eating healthy and have tried to exercise just to end up not getting the results I was hoping for.  I am thankful for Hannah and Sue for introducing me to Dub Nutrition, the supplements gave me the extra boost of energy and motivation I needed to get me through a work out.  Sometimes there where mental challenges with the scale not going my way even though the inches were coming off, with the challenge on my mind I found the motivation to keep working hard and continue to eat right.  After a few weeks into the challenge I stopped worry about the number on the scale and started to look at the visible results I could see in the mirror.  My body fat percentage continued to improve every week and my BMI went from poor to excellent with in the 90 days.

                This challenge has given me confidence within myself that I did not have, I know that I can continue this journey I am on and will be able to achieve my future goals of living a healthy lifestyle not only for me but for my family.  Thank you Dub for helping me start this new chapter in my life!!!


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A short story about me:

I've been working on and off this year to strive to live a healthier life for myself and my two year old daughter. I want to be here for her and able to keep up with her. As a single mom working full time, going to school part time, and taking care of a toddler we live a pretty active and busy life and I know that my health was holding me back. I started the year at 198 pounds and was slowly half working towards a healthier goal - DUB has been so great! I love it, I feel energized, I feel strong, I have the power to make it through my work outs, and I just feel better overall. I had such a support system around me through friends and family - and I've made so many new friends through this challenge. I was scared to take these photos because I thought what if I fail or what if I don't change much; seeing these two photos side by side is so motivating. I'm a third of the way to my goal and I'm so excited to continue on this journey to not just a healthier weight but a healthier lifestyle. DUB to me isn't about a diet or quick fix it's about a life change and it's been a blessing to my life. 

Thanks for the challenge, it has been a great experience!


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I sent a few extra pictures because I didn't know if it was ok to flex.  Here's my story:

In 2011 I was in good shape.  Then I got pregnant and packed on the pounds.  When my baby was stillborn, I spent a while in a fit of depression.  Not caring about myself at that time, I did nothing to take care of my body.  Then in 2014 I got pregnant again, and had a C-section.  Surprisingly, 6 months later, pregnant again and another C-section in 2015.  Now I could barely keep up with my life and my 5 kids, not to mention the trauma to my body.  By January 2017, I was literally the heaviest I had ever been in my life, even more than the days I gave birth to each of my kids.


Reset 90 got me super excited to get my health back.  I know I absolutely did the very best I could.  (It helps to be competitive). I did P90X, Insanity, I literally ran my butt off.  In the last month, I discovered true clean eating, and went to 2-a-days.  I did my workouts faithfully, even when a 45 minute session took me 2hrs 15min to get through (baby distractions, potty training disasters), even at 11pm if it wasn't done yet. 


I lost 27.2 pounds, 18.25 total inches ( 5.5"off waist, 3.75" off hips, 5" off thighs, 3" off chest, 1" off biceps). I know I look better, I know I feel better.  THAT WAS AN AWESOME CHALLENGE.  When my husband walks by, casually puts his hand on my back, but then exclaims, "Woah!" because there's muscle where there was flab, now that just feels good!


Thank you so much for getting me back on track!


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Wow, where do I begin.  The Reset 90 Challenge has been a life changer for me. Weight has always been an issue with me.  It didn't matter if I was thin or overweight, I have never truly been happy with my appearance, until now. I was introduced to Dub by a great trainer and friend, Sue Kennedy.  Sue told me about the Reset Challenge and I thought what the heck, I'll give it a try.   I faithfully took the Muscle and Youth Dub Supplements.

I have felt 100% better and feel like the Dub Supplements play a huge part in all of this.  

I am finally comfortable in my own skin.  I'm 36 years old, and wish I would have found dub sooner.  But thinking back I am not sure how committed I would have been.  Something finally clicked and made sense..  Did I have to give up the things I loved, no, I just had to learn how to eat those things in moderation.

Starting weight 9/1/15 - 174.1 lbs This weight is actually not a bad start weight.  I have been 212 pounds at my heaviest.  Ending weight 12/01/15 - 144.4 lbs

Total pounds lost = 29.7

Starting Inches        Ending Inches 

Chest - 391/4"         33 1/2"

Waist - 39 3/4"        32 1/2"

Bicep - 12 1/2"        11"

Hip - 40"                  35 1/4"

Thigh - 24"             20 1/2"       

Total inches lost  21 3/4"

dub it up!

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This has been a life changing experience, I am grateful to have been a part of it

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Starting Measurements:

235 pounds

38.5 waist

41 chest

22 right quad

Ending Measurements:

210 pounds

33.25 waist

39.5 chest

21 right quad

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Incredibly proud of this guy! My dad at age 60, bought a road bike , stuck to dub and eating nutritiously and feels better than ever for a grandpa! 

207 to 193

Lost 14 pounds

Waist from 40" to 38"

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Also so proud of this grandma! My mom at age 59 lost a total of 17lbs through the 3 pillars.

Dub has been fantastic for my parents and I am so proud of them!!

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Staring weight 226 ending weight 197. Starting  body fat was around 27% and my ending was 17

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