Q & A

Q: What does 'dub' stand for?

A: Discover your Ultimate Body 

Q: What are dub's three pillars of health?

A: Healthy eating, Exercise, and dub Supplementation

Q: When was dub founded?

A: September of 2009

Q: Why should I supplement with dub?

A: The dub nutrition supplement line is designed to help bridge the gap between the nutritional deficiencies in today's food sources.
All dub products take the guesswork out of supplementing which eliminates the need for a cabinet full of vitamins!

Q: What makes dub the better choice?

A: Our formulas are able to help reduce inflammation and increase circulation in the body. They also help reduce soreness after an intense workout, help reduce sugar cravings and give you an added sense of well being.  If that is not enough for you, please know that our supplements aid in the absorption of our food, allowing for our tissues, muscles, and organs to get the efficient nutrients they need. 

Q: Do I have to cycle on and off of the dub supplements?

A: Incredibly enough NO! dub supplements are part of a healthy lifestyle change and were specifically meant to be taken for a lifetime. 
Many of our loyal dub customers have said "I will be on dub the rest of my life!"