dub Iron Duo
dub Iron Duo
dub Iron Duo

dub Iron Duo

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You have found the perfect iron supplement for your health! This two pack of dub  dub Iron is an optimized clinically studied advanced iron supplement containing synergistic trace elements and hydrolyzed whole protein minerals. The clinically studies in dub Iron facilitate absorption, assimilation, and retention exactly like minerals in whole foods resulting in maximum reliability, maximum bio availability, absorption and efficacy without unpleasant side effects.


  • Boost Energy Production and Muscle Function
  • Supports Thyroid Hormone Function
  • Builds Healthy Red Blood Cells

Adequate iron is vital for proper growth, building oxygenated blood, and muscle energy. Athletes, children, women, vegetarians, and elderly individuals have higher needs, although any person with muscle fatigue or shortness of breath may be lacking iron. Vertical ridges on the nails are also a sign of low iron. Iron is the backbone nutrient for building oxygenated blood.

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